Our Purpose

About Full Potential Labs


Our Purpose

About Full Potential Labs

Our Purpose – To change lives and businesses for the better


  • Draw on the latest science and technology to deliver insights, mastery and tools
  • We design for how brains learn and for how people change their behaviour. 

We are a mission-based company dedicated to enabling and elevating individuals and businesses to reach their full potential.  It sounds frightfully serious but our programs and experiences are not, as we know our brains learn best when we’re in a positive and light-hearted frame of mind. 

We deploy the latest from disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, leadership and physiology. We draw on our deep business, innovation and technology experience to create or tailor experiential and impactful tools, hacks, programs and presentations. 


Why Us?

We’re committed to achieving real behaviour change and return on your learning investment. We don't expect sustained behaviour change from a half or one day workshop, so we support our face to face interactive experiences with follow up learning initiatives over, typically, a three month period.

Our deep business experience ensures that the science and evidence-based IP we deliver is relevant, doable, practical and impactful. 



What People Say about us:


"Six months after a number of our female faculty took part in the (Science of Achievement & Confidence) program, there have been some really noticeable changes. I'm actually quite amazed by the change for the better in the confidence and performance in some of the women. Their "presence" and body language is also significantly stronger. Some have already moved into more senior leadership positions in our organisation.

Full Potential Labs' program has made a big difference to these women and we look forward to running the program again this year."                                             Professor Linda Trenberth BEd, MA, PhD, Dean (Academic) Griffith Business School, Griffith University


“I can honestly say that the (Coaching) course is the most useful and transformational course I've had in my career to date. It's not only changed my approach to getting the best from my team but also from my client relationships (listening and questioning). It is of course a continuing journey, but one I feel well equipped to take.”                                       Leader, Tech Company, UK


"In a room of senior executives, Greta was impactful, thought provoking and inspiring." 
Jane Neale, Hatton Neale


“One of the best classes I've taken. Both because of the content, and the quality of the instructor (Claire). Really recommend it to all managers, senior and junior alike.”                                                                                                Manager, Enterprise Software Company, APAC


"NAB Private Wealth recently invited Greta Thomas to share her journey and lessons in a speech for our clients as part of a national roadshow. Greta was truly an inspirational speaker. Our audiences responded warmly to Greta's dynamic and engaging presentation - rating her talk an average of 4.7 out of 5, an excellent response. Greta maintained her energy and  quality across five events around the country. "
Leigh O'Neill, (now) Executive General Manager, Micro and Small Business, National Australia Bank

“Amazing course and wonderful facilitator (Claire)!  Excited to put the learning into practice!  I learned a lot about myself and feel I can push myself harder to do less teaching and more coaching!  ........so much I learned and very appreciative of having the time to sit back and reflect on this and also to takeaway specific strategies to be the coach I aspire to be.  Thank You!!  One of the best courses I've taken in 9 years!”                                                                                                  Sales Leader, Tech Company, US


"I spent a weekend with Greta and I ended up booking my own Gap Year at age 50. I’ve been talking about doing this for ages but actually took the leap today with Greta’s inspiration." 
Sandy Betts, Managing Director, The Human Difference


"A good blend of anecdotes, studies, theory and hacks that can be actively used."
Amazon employee



Our Founders



Claire Hatton

Claire has more than 20 years global business experience most recently on Google Australia’s country leadership team. She has experience and qualifications in neuroscience and coaching. She is also a non executive director of a listed education technology company. 


Greta Thomas

Greta has worked with some of the world’s most respected businesses and organisations including McKinsey & Company, eBay and Sydney Opera House. She has advised major corporations on innovation and worked with numerous start-ups including Bono and Bobby Shriver’s PRODUCT (RED) initiative. She is a non executive director of a listed fintech company.



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