Coaching for Leaders

Coaching is about stretching and tapping into the abilities and potential of individuals.  It’s not rocket science, but it usually takes a big shift in habits.

A Manager’s default is usually to problem solve and tell people what to do. This may be the single biggest impediment to a business and its people reaching their full potential. This might sound counter-intuitive . . . problem solving probably got you where you are today, but telling people what to do means they dream less, learn less, do less and become less.

At Full Potential Labs we are passionate about helping leaders derive more from their teams and from themselves. That’s why we’ve developed an experiential learning program, integrating neuroscience and psychology with tried and tested coaching methodologies, that teaches and coaches Managers to become great coaches.  

We take Managers on a journey from understanding how their brains work, to being aware of the power of their own habits and their effect on others, to then learning remarkably effective tools and techniques they can use every day. 

Our programs are focused on learning and achieving positive, sustained change. We provide practical follow up sessions, coaching nudges, and support to help embed genuine behaviour change and coaching practices into your management culture to fuel growth.