Sometimes we don't even realise we are holding ourselves back from what we are truly capable of. It can sneak up on you particularly if you've not been sleeping well, had some setbacks or feeling under a lot of pressure. The trouble is, if we let our personal narrative undermine us and our future potential, it can become habit forming if we leave it unchecked. 

Why not check in now and answer these questions below to see if you are potentially holding yourself back from progressing at work or in other areas of your life. . .

·       Are a majority of your decisions influenced by what others may think of your choice?

·       You would love to do or try something specific and whilst others say you could do this easily, you don’t feel ready yet?

·       Is your inner critic frequently (at least once a week) negative about your abilities and potential?

·       Do you compare yourself (unfavourably) to others often?

·       Do you wish you had the courage to try something that you perceive in others?

·       Are you frustrated that you are not doing more or achieving more?

·       Can you think of at least 2 occasions in the past year where you (now) regret not trying something or taking up an opportunity?

Did you answer "Yes" three or more times?

If you did, then there’s a good chance you ARE holding yourself back from certain opportunities or activities that mean something to you.

We all do this from time to time.  Fear, anxiety or simple shyness can make every one of us stop and decide not to take that step into the unknown or into something we haven’t done before . . . even when it’s something we want to do or wish we could do!

At work, these may include promotion opportunities, speaking and presenting opportunities, taking on a new responsibility, or even, for example, having a difficult conversation with someone.

The problem comes when we make a habit of shying away from opportunities and certain activities.

Do this too often and you get stuck in a rut. Some people call this a comfort zone but really it’s much more accurate to call it a ‘comfort rut’.

It is perfectly NORMAL and RIGHT not to feel confident or comfortable about trying something new. The way our brains are wired means it’s almost impossible to try something new and NOT feel some kind of anxiety or like an imposter, even if we are perfectly qualified and prepared to take that action.

This quote from Nelson Mandela sums it all up:

“Courage is not the absence of fear it is the triumph over it.”

Taking action whilst feeling discomfort is exactly how we grow, achieve and learn.

The key is to take small steps and get used to feeling a little uncomfortable. This is the normal way and experience towards achieving your goals, whatever they may.

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